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According to several sources, the average American family discards roughly 25% of their foods, the appropriate solution to this would be to invest in a vacuum sealer, and can be bought online as well as a store and each store carries more than one brand or even a few in a single brand. You can save a lot of money and waste by using a vacuum sealer, it also maintains your food for up to 5x longer. You can pick the best vacuum bag sealers for home sous vide for your needs if you have the right factors for assessment.

There are several factors you need to consider first, before picking the best food sealer. Factors like the size of the appliances and its special features are one of the important factors. The price of the sealer can also play a major role and ranges from as much as $50 to more than $2,000, so you need to take these into consideration before making your selection.

Factors you need to consider before buying:

  1. Why buy a vacuum sealer?
  • Gather your items in bulk like flour, sugar etc.
  • Stores food for up to 5x longer
  • Less space needed to store food
  • Can be used with different food sizes

Deep freeze

  • Prevents the risk of freezer burn
  • More space available in the freezer
  • Food items can be frozen for a longer time
  • Leftover food can be made into single serving sizes

Able to extend the life span of certain sensitive fresh foods in the refrigerator like avocado, cheese, and fish. It can also preserve other non-food items like coins, matches and important documents

  1. What are the types of vacuum sealers available and which one do I require?
  • Pistol Vac: This is cost effective, compact and is usually battery operated.
  • External: This is the most common vacuum sealer and is usually set up on the counter, and it is a bit portable.
  • Chamber Sealer: These can be found in a more commercial environment, and are best for wet foods. The chamber size may limit what can be sealed.
  1. What are the most important features to consider?
  • Different operating speeds
  • Drip tray
  • Built-in cutter
  • Container attachment
  • Marinade mode

You can search for the best vacuum sealer after considering these necessary factors, before making any purchase.

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