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Image Revive compositions can be classified as natural, a skin regenerating product which is useful for the growth of new regenerated skin to replace the old ones. It also helps in balancing the moisture content which results to a high-quality hydration system. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Image Revive contains materials which have undergone a lot of researches and tests. Most of these materials can be found in tropical places. The producers of this product have made us understand that consistent use of this product in line with the prescription given would definitely limit anycontinuous form of rough surfaces, external skin covers, and wrinkles.

Apart from limiting the manifestations of aging, this product can also tackle the various skin diseases like eczema, and allergies. The materials used in formulating this product have undergone series of thorough and quality clinical researches and tests and there is no known adverse effect from the usage of the product. The product penetrates to the deep segment of the skin and some combinations occur so as to aid the formation of Collagen and Elastin. Formation of Collagen and water-based mixture will help in moisturizing the face thereby giving it a smooth, shining and refreshing look.

The unique characteristics of this product are that it is suitable for all kinds of skin and it does not require any special kind of prescription. However, it is advisable to use it for a consecutive period of 8 weeks to get a quality result

How to use this product?

Before applying this product, you will first need to wash your face with an ordinary soap which would aid in the absorption of the skin totally under the top layer.

After the process of washing the face, apply the Image Revive product to the surface of the affected area. When applying, make sure that you use the tip of your fingers, and continue this process in a circular way, avoid rubbing or wiping the lotion. If you notice any adverse effect, kindly consult a dermatologist.

Those who are not yet matured or below the age of 18 years cannot use this product. Same with those who reacts badly toward the use of moisturizers and makeups.

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