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Having yellow spots or gray teeth is a horrible situation. This is the result of an irresponsible lifestyle particularly concerning the dental hygiene. All of us want to achieve that denti bianchi but not everyone is willing to undergo the process of achieving and maintaining it. While having that kind of denture is really an attraction especially when smiling, one must not forget that it is the result of being well-disciplined and by doing the following things.

  • Avoid Smoking. This vice does not only affect the respiratory system but leave stains in your teeth. Tobacco which is the main ingredient of cigarette causes brown spots that break through the tooth enamel. These spots are difficult to remove by brushing only. You do not want to experience this, which is why avoiding smoking is one of the best things you can do while it is not too late. Aside from this, it also causes gingivitis and bad breath.
  • Watch Out for Food and Drinks Causing Teeth Spots. Some of us just eat and eat without paying close attention to these foods, especially to those that causes teeth spots. One way to determine this type of food is by using cotton or a white cloth, anything that can stain it can also stain your teeth. Some of these are coffee, fruit juices, dark drinks and tea. Do not take this for granted because these spots develop gradually and become more apparent as you age. But this does not mean that you must avoid these drinks, the point is you must rinse your mouth after consuming it. This is a very simple yet effective way to keep away from the stains.
  • Know the Drugs that Can Cause Teeth Stains.Be aware also of the drugs that can stain your teeth particularly the children like the antibiotic Tetracycline that causes denture spots. Blood pressure medications, antihistamines and antipsychotic drugs also cause teeth stains which cannot be easily removed by brushing alone. Some cases require the assistance of a dentist and conduct the whitening process.
  • Daily Maintenance is Very Important. All of us know that brushing our teeth at least twice a day is very essential. No matter how busy you are, you must always have time for your oral health. This is the simplest way to prevent yellow spots in your teeth. Flossing is also an effective way to clean your dentures. Of course visiting your dentist for dental consultation once or twice a year also play a vital role.

Browsing through some online sites can also help you achieve those sparkling teeth you’ve always dreamt of. Checking realisable sites about denti bianchi allows you to have deeper insights regarding this topic and also transform you into an individual who gives close attention and utmost importance to oral health. You do not want to have a disease caused by poor dental hygiene, right? What you want is to stay fit and healthy by keeping your teeth not only white but strong enough to carry on daily task.

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