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When considering the operation of a steering, the ZTR mower is accomplished via levers instead of the steering wheel. Although this looks awkward at the start, one gets to find out the effectiveness of the steering system. After a short time, even an inexperienced user will be navigating around obstacles and doing the work at an optimal level. The Homewares Insider website lists the ZTR mowers as one of the best around.

If you are one of those that suffer from leg defects or tiredness after prolonged periods of operating conventional mowers, it might be better to opt for a zero turn mower. It doesn’t come with a clutch or gas pedal thereby reducing fatigue and tiredness. You can perform all the operation with the use of the hand, even while starting the blade. All that is required of you is to sit on the operator’s chair and perform your tasks effectively. The reduction in fatigue and tiredness is of great benefit to the commercial user, or landowner with a large area to mow.

The conventional ride-on mowers have larger size and capacity when compared to their Zero turn counterparts. The reduction in the footprint gives rise to better maneuverability and an uncomplicated transportation. Nobody likes to engage in tedious activities or get involved in the cumbersome process. A unique benefit of this is that a ZTR mower requires a less expensive (and usually shorter) trailer. Read this article to get the guides needed to operate your ZTR mowers.

Although zero turn movers are effective and excellent, the machine itself needs some learning edge so here are the guides to assist you.

  1. for the slope

The mowers should not be used in a land area where slopes are greater than ten degrees especially if the mower does not have an attached bagger. This applies to all mowers machine that available today as it is not safe to do so even if makers are trying to avoid telling user/operator about this. For steep areas, you can mow it using the walk or landscape mower. Don’t ever try to mow steeper areas with ZTR mover even if you’ve done that before with other machines, you may have an unpleasant experience with zero turn mower as it is heavier on the back; about seventy-five percent of its weight is on the back. Another thing is that the front wheels of the zero turn mower could not steer. You can gauge how steep is the slope on your lawn easily if you have the pitch and angle reader. This is can be around 8 to 10 dollars in the market.

  1. Mowing Barriers

Take note that you may get hurt operating the mowing machine if you are not careful and observant on the barriers and obstacles in mowing; one of it is water. If your lawn is situation near pool, stream, or a pond then be careful and keep a safe distance with mowing. Another barriers in mowing that may cause harm is the walls and drop off. Sometimes when you get so focused on mowing you may forget where you are heading. Stay in caution with walls, drop off, or steep while mowing. You might also have a mailbox post, plants, or trees on your lawn or near–one slip, you will be bumped on it.

  1. Keeping Lawn from Getting Damage

If you had just purchased your mower, have a test drive on it on your lawn by going straight, back, and turning as well as getting around the curve. Don’t make sharp turns and make sure you do it right. You have to move the lap bar to back if you want to reverse it, and put it forward the levers if you have to proceed ahead and mow the other row.

  1. When Doing Reverse Mow

Sometimes, it needs to do reverse mowing to prevent damage on the lawn but bear in mind that you must not do it without looking behind. Make sure that there is no source of sudden interruption when you do it such as pet, or kids. It is better that you must make sure they stay inside the house while you mowed.

  1. Mow with Protection

You may need to put on wraparound safety goggles to keep off grass particles from getting inside your eyes. As mowing machine can be noisy, you can also prevent damaging your hearing senses with the use of foam earplugs.

With the guides and tips we have just shared, we hope you were able to keep your lawn neat and well-mown yet doing it safely.

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