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De-feathering of birds is made easy by chicken pluckers. These work properly on a bird which has been carefully scalded. There are various types of chicken plucker for sale due to their various functions. Below are the various kinds of chicken pluckers.

Types of Chicken Pluckers

The different types of chicken pluckers are classified according to their specifications like their processing capacity, size, the weight of the birds, the types of poultry etc.

Below are the common types of pluckers you should know:

  • First level of plucking
  • Pluckers for critical parts
  • Finishing pluckers

  • First Level of Plucking

After the scalding operation, these pluckers are the first to be used on the chicken. They are like the first level of plucking in which others depend on. They work with an increased intensity because many feathers have to be removed from the bird at this stage.

Since it is the first level of plucking operation, the plucker is commonly known to be very effective technologically and easy to operate.

  • Pluckers for Critical Parts

After the initial stage of operation, this is the second stage. There might still be some feathers left in the critical regions of the chicken. This is where the special picker pluckers come into action. They are known to be very fast, technological adept, and proficient.

  • Finishing Pluckers

These can be classified as the final stage of operation in which cleaning and washing of the chicken take place. These pluckers have characteristic long fingers to wipe out every unwanted feather that might appear on the chicken. Intensive cleaning is then done on the completely de-feathered chicken.

You must be able to use the chicken plucker for sale, in an appropriate and effective manner. Always ensure that you use the most appropriate tools for the plucking and de-feathering operations.

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