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Do you want positive improvement on your YouTube channel in terms of traffic and viewers and you wonder why you have got a low number of viewers? There are numerous ways of increasing the number of people that watch your YouTube videos and some of these ways have been found to be legitimate. Buying views is one the commonly known method but sometimes can be very costly. Some others make use of software which is against the rules guiding YouTube and might be properly sanctioned if caught.

If don’t push your YouTube videos, it might be hard for you to get up to the range of 200 views and above.

Below are the legitimate methods people with huge traffic use to get more viewers on their channel:

  1. They use catchy title and thumbnail. When potential viewers are searching for videos to watch, they are always glued to original and attractive titles and that might propel them to watch the videos.
  1. You can also increase the number of people who watch your videos by using an original and correct title conforming perfectly to the content. The way you describe and tag your videos is also important. People might easily get uninterested if your tags are filled with unrelated information.
  1. Participate actively in the YouTube community. Make friends, and offer your suggestions and you will find yourself on the right path. All these can be done by inviting people to view your videos or possibly subscribing to them. These potential viewers might actually turn to loyal and committed ones. You can also join contribute to meaningful discussions by commenting on other videos. This will definitely drive more subscribers to your channel.

You will definitely get more viewers by being creative and original. Do not copy others. Post your videos to available medium. Share them with your friends and paste the link of the video to different platforms. All these with buying views will massively increase the traffic on your videos.

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