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Automotive floor jacks are reasonably small devices used to manually lift an end or corner of a car off the ground. A very good floor jack is an important tool for anyone who often works on their car, though everyone should at least have a basic model for replacing the occasional flat tire. There are a few essential things to consider when you want to buy a new floor jack, which includes the pump to travel ratio, the material it is made of, and the weight size.

Automotive floor jacks are commonly made of two materials: Steel and Aluminum. Because steel is not a very costly metal like aluminum, it is more often used in budget jacks. While both metals are strong enough to lift a car, steel is much heavier, which means that a less expensive jack is commonly going to be much huge and complex than a smaller aluminum version. The pump to travel ratio of a jack is a description of how high the car will get to when lifted each time the user pumps the attached handle. Very expensive jack will lift the car higher with each movement of the handle, meaning that it doesn’t take much time and energy to get the car lifted to a very good position where you can work on it.

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